Slow Motion Video – James Bond Booth

Imagine a machine which could slow down time. Imagine being able to film what happened when time slowed to such an extent that people were barely moving. With a slow motion booth, that little fantasy can turn into reality.

What is a Slow Motion Booth?

A slow motion booth is actually very simply, despite it sounding like it has some sort of magical power. A simple idea, it films people in slow motion. This basic concept can inspire hundreds of great event and party ideas, however.

Inviting journalists and other media presenters to an event featuring one of Tinker Taylor’s video booths gives them something different to hook onto. In a world where ill-conceived PR campaigns are continually vying for the attention of media commentators, something which varies from the norm can be a huge boost to a publicity campaign.

Fancy Dress Fun

The booth works really well at fancy dress events. Imagine a room full of James Bond characters. Then have them visiting the booth to be filmed, while a live stream of the resulting images plays on a big screen. Add in some theme music, and you have a real occasion on your hands, with people striking poses and really enjoying getting into character.

Or a spaghetti western night, for example. Ennio Morricone remixes could play over the sound system, while Clint Eastwood style shoot-out merchants, bar girls and weird Mexican bandits struck poses in the slow motion booth. The results would be tremendous.

But Why?

You may be thinking that a slow motion booth sure sounds like a lot of fun, but what is the point of it all? How can it actually help my business or my project?

Well, there are a number of ways in which a slow motion booth can be used, all of which can directly benefit your business ventures.

Perhaps most importantly, using this technology at an event helps to attract attention. It is a novelty, and it is something which appeals the attention seeker in most people. Tinker Taylor have taken their booth to several events up and down the UK, and the response has invariably been positive.

This is important, if you are launching a new product, marking the signing of a new deal, or simply holding a media event to reach out to the local community. Obviously, you want journalists and media professionals to attend such an event, and to remember it.

Journalists can receive thousands of invitations to events over the course of a year, and many are simply discarded. Other are taken up, but the events blend into an unappealing sludge of half memories, due to simply being dull or cliched affairs.

Make a Splash

The slow motion video booth is a great way of making your event so memorable, that it will be written about and covered as widely as possible.

Tinker Taylor also have the technology in place to ensure that all films and still photographs from the booth are of the highest quality. The films of events that they produce are usually between a minute and two minutes in length. Tinker Taylor can also produce quality stills, using the booths high-quality 4k resolution.

Both stills and film can be used in promotional materials, such as PR releases about the event. Imagine the effect that such a film could have on your company’s Youtube channel, or social media pages. It might even ‘go viral’, bringing your business to the attention of potentially millions of people.

Long Reach

Tinker Taylor’s slow motion video booth is also highly mobile. It can arrive almost anywhere in the UK, as Tinker Taylor’s track record proves. Overseas is not out of the question either, provided enough notice is given.

As well as PR events, the booth also works well at parties and sporting events. Filming people react to musical performance is often really striking, while sports fans can strike some really hilarious poses, especially if their team has won.

Star Power

If you really want some star pulling power at your event, then Tinker Taylor can even book celebrities to appear. The likes of Gregg Wallace can attend events with a catering theme. Gok Wang might even turn up at your fashion party. That would surely have heads turning and tongues wagging.

Tinker Taylor have a well-trained, experienced team of creative types, many with long years of work at media organisations such as the BBC. If you give them a theme, or a concept, for an event, they will come up with something which will have guests laughing and journalists scribbling.

So if you are thrashing around for that great idea to launch your new product, or to celebrate some major milestones, get in touch with Tinker Taylor. Slowing down is sometimes the best way of standing out from the crowd.