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Want to wow the guests at your Wedding?

Children of the 1990’s can all agree on one trend that we have all taken part in on at least one occasion at some point in our lives. In our day, they were everywhere you looked. If you went to a mall, you would likely see one. There was a good chance that you could find one in many department stores. It was usually a good bet that the hottest weddings, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations would include one and guests would be clamouring to be the next person or group of people to get in on the fun. If you are a child of the 90’s you have most likely already guessed what I am talking about. That’s right. The photo booth!

Photo Booth

Most of us probably still have at least one of those little photo strips lying around, whether it is in a photo album or scrapbook, or posted proudly on the refrigerator door as testament to our memory of those “good times.” Photo booths were all the rage back in the day! It was almost a staple of any first date for the excited new couple to find one, hop in, and create an instant memory that could last forever. Brides and grooms of the day would often jump in to create a long lasting memorandum of their special day that was fun and able to let their unique personalities shine in frozen memories to last for the rest of their lives together.

However, as is usually the case, with a new generation comes a new trend. Photo booths are a thing of the past! Today is the digital age, the age of social media, and the age of expressive video. The latest craze is an upgrade on the photo booth concept that expresses our new love for technology and social expression. While photo booths are still fairly commonplace in the UK, in Europe and the States they are giving way to the hilarious and uncompromising slow motion video booth. While based on the same basic concept of the photo booth, the slow motion video booth, or slo mo video booth, takes things to a whole new level!

Slow Motion Video Booth

No longer are we restricted to the old days of hopping in, posing every few seconds, and repeating in hopes of creating a static memory that may or may not reflect your personal style and flare. With the slow motion video booth, you have the freedom to simply be yourself, express yourself, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! Whether you are a solo performer, a dynamic duo, or a night out on the town posse, the slow motion video booth will capture every moment, every detail, and every emotion in glorious high definition and replay your actions in a completely unique fashion.

These video memories can be customized and edited for dramatic and comedic effect as well as portraying your own unique personality. Now that excited new couple can stop in and create a unique memory of their first kiss, or even their proposal to share with children and family later in life. Party guests can showcase their dance moves and remember that amazing confetti shower from New Years Eve in amazing high definition, slow motion glory. Bride and groom can create a forever memory of their big day and look back on the crazy antics of their wedding party. With the slow motion video booth, the possibilities are no longer restricted to a few seconds of “pose, shoot, and pose again.” The possibilities are endless!

These slo mo booths are also available for corporate and marketing events. Where before, marketing specialists relied on streamlined texts and over dressed photography, it is now possible to create rich, dynamic video content for your marketing portfolio. With the slow motion video booth, the only limitations are the depths of your creative marketing talents and abilities.

Are you tired of the same old family Christmas photos? If you really want to stand out from the crowd and let everybody know just how festive your family can be, the slow motion video booth can help you create a unique and memorable holiday greeting video that is unique to your family’s style and personality. Slow motion snowball fight? Not a problem!

New Trend

The new trend has already begun and is quickly gaining momentum. While some may prefer to stick with the “tried and true” photo booth or even mainstream photography studios to capture and keep their memories, the more adventurous among us are ready for something new and exciting and the slow motion video booth is exactly that! The sky’s the limit with this new trend and the slo mo booth is available for booking for nearly any occasion.

Now it can surely be only a matter of time before this exciting new wave overtakes the old established booth. It won’t be long before we begin to see slow motion video booths popping up at all sorts of venues. However, as its stand right now, Tinker Taylor is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE UK providing this exciting new concept. So if you want to be at the cutting edge of innovative expression and if you want your guests to be amongst the first to experience and star in the coolest craze, then give the team at Tinker Taylor a call.