Book the Slow Motion Booth for Sporting Dinners

Grabbing attention in the digital age can be difficult. We live in a world where dancing cats, talking dogs and almost every other kind of oddity can ‘go viral’, and dominate the internet for hours, or even days. A slo mo video booth could be just the tool you are looking for – a marketing tool which stands out and makes a real lasting PR impression.

What is a Slo Mo Video Booth

The actual concept is quite simple. A slo mo video booth works in a very similar way to a normal film or camera booth. People parade in front of the camera, and get filmed. So far, so simple.

What makes Tinker Taylor’s booths different is that everything that they film is shot in slow motion. At 240 frames per second which In layman terms that means that the footage can be played back at slower than 1/9th of real speed and the images will be in full High Def resolution. A simple concept, perhaps, but one which is surprisingly effective when it comes to engaging members of the public, and, crucially, jaded media professionals.

A slow motion video of revellers at a party, for example, might sound a little silly. The reaction of people, generally speaking, confounds that view.

Recent Success

Tinker Taylor know what they are doing, too. Recent events have seen them take the slo mo booth to birthday celebrations, media events, product launches and a whole host of other venues. A ‘Best of British’ themed product launch at Mereway kitchens, saw kitchen fitters, journalists and even the management getting stuck into dressing up and filming themselves, with little obvious difference in behaviour between the company directors, and their employees.

This level of general engagement is actually pretty rare, and to find something which grabs people’s attention so effectively is often very difficult. For public relations professionals, the slo mo booth is a real boon.

Make a Splash

Journalists and other media professionals receive hundreds, if not thousands, of invitations to launches and other events throughout their careers. Many are simply discarded, often with a jaded shrug, or just ignored completely.

A slow motion video booth is an unusual concept. The kind of concept which will pique the curiosity of almost any journalist, however jaded or cynical they might be. Booking a slo mo video booth from Tinker Taylor therefore gives your event a serious head start when it comes to attracting attention.

Professional Films

The main point of the video booth is, of course, to make films of the guests at your event. For that reason, the film, even though it is slow motion, needs to be of good quality, otherwise people lose interest quickly.

Tinker Taylor can boast some professional experience and expertise in the media industry, with the company’s creative director Sam Taylor, having spent ten years in the television industry, with 3 years at the BBC and a year overseas at TVNZ. All Tinker Taylor’s productions are technically of broadcast standard, although creatively we think they are way better!

Event Entertainment

But the concept of the slo mo video booth is not just about the films that are produced. The video booth is merely the focal point for the event, the hook which brings people in. Any PR professional knows that what really makes an event successful is the people involved.

The emotional and social reaction of people at an event defines it. Take the example referred to above, where the ‘Best of British’ dressing up box was part of the show. What made the event such a success was how the guests reacted and responded.

This shows the importance of planning. Tinker Taylor’s experience and skills take this sort of planning out of your hands. The Tinker Taylor crew will set up the booth, and create the right environment for your event to be a huge success. Rather than adding to the pressure of the event, they take the worries and hassle of entertaining your guests out of your hands.

Flexible Friends

Tinker Taylor can also travel to a huge range of locations. Music festivals and sporting events are great choices of venue where hiring the slo mo video booth works really well. For example, filming fans at a sporting event celebrating a victory or commiserating a loss is hilariously memorable. Slow motion film of a concert audience can actually be quite moving, especially for musicians seeing the reaction of fans to their music.

The usual length of a Tinker Taylor slow motion video is between a minute and two minutes. Stills can also be taken from the footage as the resolution of the footage is so high. These are very useful when it comes to constructing arresting press releases, and can be used in digital marketing campaigns for years to come.

Slo Mo is the future

So if you are stuck when it comes to finding inspiration for your next party, celebration or media event, take the time to have a look at what Tinker Taylor can offer. With a good geographical reach across the entire UK, and the possibility to travel abroad with prior notice, we are the solution you have been looking for.

Slowing things down can sometimes be much more dramatic than rushing around. Give the crew at Tinker Taylor a call and see what slo mo can bring to your business.