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Organising a children’s party?

The best keepsakes are the silly ones and the slow mo booth is the most brilliant way to capture the delight and hilarity of childhood.

Coming up with great entertainment for a children’s fancy dress party can be a bit of a challenge. It’s important that the children have fun, but you also have to consider the limitations of dress. A slow mo booth can be the perfect addition to your next party.

It doesn’t matter how fancy your party is, it can always use a little levity. The booth is just what you need to get things off to a great start.

What a Slow Motion Video Booth Is

The traditional photo booth allows everyone to come up with fun poses and get a series of photos with them, but the video booth is a lot more fun. Rather than simple stills, you record, dynamic, expressive, hilarious moving video.

The camera takes video at a slower speed than usual, (in fact 10 times slower) giving everything an underwater, surreal type quality. Everything you do looks way cooler in a slo mo booth.

What to Do in a Slow Mo Booth

You can have a lot of fun in one of these video booths, but it is a good idea to have some activities set up so your guests won’t stand around trying to think of something to do. Kids are naturally silly, so they will quickly get into the spirit of things with a few props and if you are stuck for ideas, that’s where the creative team at Tinker Taylor step in. One telephone call or even better skype call with your kids and we can gather enough information to generate some funky ideas, which perfectly suit your child. Many young girls love all things pink, fairies, princesses and animals; if you have a boy, perhaps he is into superheroes, pirates, army, Pokémon…. a quick chat will ascertain how best to theme the booth.

Glitter and confetti

With a few bags of glitter or confetti, you can have a lot of fun in a slow motion booth. Just have kids throw it in the air or blow it at each other.


Waving streamers around in a video booth has a whole new effect when it is slowed down. Kids will love using brightly coloured streamers and ribbons. You can add in some cute cheerleading pom poms, too.


Put on some fun music and get kids dancing. Girls will have a lot of fun if they are wearing dresses that will swirl prettily in slow motion. Add some headbands with springy eyes or pom poms for extra fun effects.


Those lazy floating spheres will take on a whole new life when you watch kids leaping slowly into the air to bat at them. Or perhaps they would like to blow them at each other or into the camera lens – we’ve always fancied a go with a bubble machine, so are desperate for someone to order one of those in!

Stuffed toy animals

Toss a bunch of stuffed toy animals into a bin near the booth and let kids toss them to each other in front of the camera. They will have a blast playing with the stuffed toys and the videos will come out great.


Another fun box idea is to collect a bunch of disguises such as giant sunglasses, fake mustaches, beards, wigs, noses, ears and hats and put them near the booth. Kids can dress up as fancily or absurdly as they want before they jump into the booth. You could have a detective theme or an inspector gadget theme. The options are endless and our imaginations active! Disguises make any video more fun, but with a slow motion one, even a swirling scarf or lowering of sunglasses will seem extra cool.

Renting a Booth

As we are the only company in the UK to be proving this service, so to avoid disappointment you should book as far ahead as possible. You don’t have to worry about where it will go or how long it takes to set up, we will do the worrying. We will arrive in good time before the event, set everything up for you and run the booth throughout the event. All you need to do is send the guests our way. Once we have filmed a few people, word will spread and a people will wander over to see what the fuss is all about.

The best videos are usually between one and two minutes long and you can easily limit the number of children in the booth at once. Or you can let them go wild and create a fun dance party video with as many as possible crammed in front of the cameras.

It usually doesn’t take much for children to get into the spirit of things and you can guarantee everyone will want a go.

If you are looking for the next big idea to ensure that your party is the most memorable of the year, this is IT. Your guests are going to love the interactivity of the booth. It will be the talk of the town and you are bound to have parents asking where you found such a cool activity for the party.

Hiring the Tinker Taylor Team and their unique and fabulous slow mo booth for your next children’s party is an inspired idea. So why not give us a call?