Slow Motion – Demo Video Booths

The world seems to move at ever faster speeds, with a 24-hour news cycle now dominating all forms of media. The internet bombards us with a constant diet of information, ever-changing, ever-mutating. Finding a window where you can attract attention to your business is becoming more and more challenging.

The team at TINKER TAYLOR have developed a unique and innovative solution. The Slo Mo Video Booth.

What is the Slo Mo Booth?

The slow mo booth is a very simple concept. We film people and products in glorious High Definition at the super slow speed of 240 frames per second. Why? Because it is fascinating to watch, it is funny and mesmerising and what could be better for your business, than potential clients captivated by your video?

But How Will It Help My Business?

Sure, you might say, that does sound like a lot of fun, but how can it help me commercially?

If you are planning a PR event, perhaps the launch of a new product or a new service; the confirmation of an exciting new deal, the opening of a venue, the launch of a new enterprise or simply a media day, designed to reach out to the local community, to raise the profile of your business, the slo mo video booth is a brand new concept which is guaranteed to create a stir.

Journalists and other media professionals receive hundreds of invitations to events every year. They are also unlikely to respond to an invitation to the same kind of champagne and canapes, boring beige decor, type of business launch party. They need something different to hook them in. If your event sounds unimaginative, it suggests to the journalist they might struggle to find enough interesting content t write an interesting article to hook their readers.

However, if you tell them you are having a slow motion video booth at the event and they are welcome to participate in the filming as well as download the video for inclusion in their online article – now that’s a different story.

Themed events

Mereway Kichens recently held a highly successful press event that utilised the slow motion video booth. The new kitchen range they wished to launch was called the British Revival, so we went down the Best of British route with our props.

The Tinker Taylor team put together a huge box of themed props including bowler hats , red, white and blue wigs, flags, balloons, which gave a fun impression of the UK and an insight into the friendly approachable kind of people who worked at Mereway. People tend to like dressing up anyway, and when the chance came to film themselves in costume, the response was huge.

Everyone associated with the company holding the event, from the most prominent director to the company admin clerks, got stuck in. They dressed up, jumped into the slow motion booth and helped to create a National media splash, which generated great publicity for their firm.

Potential Possibilities

The slow motion booth is highly portable. We can film just about anywhere. The team are more than happy to shoot overseas and give a percentage-by-percentage discount for every degree the temperature goes up!

The booth can be set up indoors or outdoors (in a marquee). Whilst we have filmed in offices, hotels and private homes, the team at Tinker Taylor are keen to be stretched. The possibilities are endless. How about a Halloween themed slow motion video booth in a dungeon or a spooky castle; or a valentine’s themed booth in the tepee of love! Or how about a slow motion video booth at a sports club themed to suit your sport? Cricket whites and cream tea’s, rugby kits and tackle bags and anyone for tennis?

How about you do a taste test in slow motion? Whether it’s absolute pleasure or utter disgust the looks on the faces of your testers will be 10 times more vivid and expressive in slo mo than in real time. And the stills we can take will be amazing.

If you are a greengrocer, how about exploding water-melons? Or if you are a boxer wanting to promote your next fight, let us record you punching a bag in super slo mo, or if you sell party accessories let us film you and your clients in a booth with all the fun items you sell? If you are a caterer how about a custard pie fight in slow motion? If you are a retail outlet, let’s record a the catwalk in slow motion, or if you sell beds, lets record a whole bunch of people having a pillow fight and bouncing up and dancing around on the bed. The options are endless!

Technological Wizardry

The team at Tinker Taylor shoot on the Red EPIC, a stunning digital camera featuring a 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 – 120 frames per second at full resolution. The camera is all the more extraordinary when you see how small it is. Incredible technology packed onto a 4lb body, with the Red Epic and the slo mo video booths, less is definitely more.

Photography icons, Greg Williams and Bruce Weber have used the RED camera’s to shoot for Vogue, W magazine and Harpers Bazaar, the most influential fashion magazine in the world. With the EPIC we can capture video and stills at the same time, providing the client with a video and a series of funny pictures.

Slow Down to Cut Through

The slo mo booth is a great device for cutting through in a crowded media marketplace. If you need your launch event or party to really attract attention, then let us help you by going really, really slow.