Slo Mo Video Booth Press Launch Events

It’s time to shake things up in the world of PR!

The idea of a Press launch is to cause a BIG SPLASH! You want to attract positive media attention for a client, get them noticed and talked about. BUT how many PR Agencies rely on the same old format, firing out a paragraph or two of text and an all too often cheesy photograph? The answer, too many.

Editors at newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, online bloggers and newsy websites receive hundreds of these kinds of press releases every day.

So, the question is, in the fast paced world of media, how do you get your release and your client to the top of the heap?

The answer is simple and the answer is slow… very, very slow!

Whether your client is launching a new product range; announcing a new business partnership or perhaps they are celebrating a milestone reached, the Slo Mo Video Booth is guaranteed to grab the headlines.

It’s new, it’s different, it’s creative and eye catching and it’s a whole heap of fun! What better way to get your client noticed, than making potential customers laugh.

Your Press Launch

So who exactly goes in the booth? Anyone you like! It could be company employees, from partners in a law firm through to factory floor workers at a car plant. It could be your customers and clients; from shoppers in a big supermarket to your ‘black tie’ guests at a fundraising do. We could hire in promotional staff and models, if the product being launched needs a bit of ‘va va voom’ or we can call upon college drama students, if your launch is focusing on a younger target audience. We can even book celebrities to star in your super slo mo video, imagine Gregg Wallace or Gok Wan launching your product in a slo mo video booth – what a coo!

For the ‘Best of British’ Press Launch for kitchen supremo Mereway we invited 15 journalists into the slo mo video booth to strut their stuff, along with kitchen fitters, designers, office workers, even the business owners themselves made a star appearance.

The fancy dress box was full to the brim with Best of British props including
bowler hats, red, white and blue wigs, deely boppers, balloons, party poppers, a massive GB flag, one of the TINKER TAYLOR team even dressed up as Ginger Spice in her iconic union jack dress, with ginger wig to boot!

What surprised the client was how eager everyone was to get involved! They didn’t think for a minute it would be so wholeheartedly embraced by absolutely everyone at the event.

What We Did

The creative team at TINKER TAYLOR were clever, as they made sure that the fancy dress box catered for all. So those who were a little shy, were offered a bowler hat to doff or bubble to blow, which still looked super cool in super slo mo and was well within their comfort zone. For the more adventurous and extrovert we had balloon fights, ‘dad dancing’, the tug of war, the can-can and general freestyle mayhem! There was an ipad playing funky 80‘s party tracks
to get everyone in the mood – and boy did people get in the slo mo mood!!

If you tell us who your client is, what the launch is all about, who the target
audience is – our fabulous creative team will get their artistic hats on and come up with ideas (and props) that will blow your competition right out of the water.

We Have Seen It, We Have Done It

Where do we film the slo mo video booth? Have kit, can travel! We shoot right across the UK and although we haven’t been asked yet, we might just be persuaded to travel overseas. We can film in office space, in a dedicated marquee, in a hotel room, a conference centre, an exhibition hall, a private house we can even bring our own Outside Broadcast truck and pitch up just about anywhere you like! Imagine the Slo Mo Video Booth at Glastonbury or Twickenham or Notting Hill Carnival!

Alternatively we can set up the slo mo video booth in a professional video production studio. We have access to many up and down the country as Creative Director, Sam Taylor can tap into her many contacts from BBC days gone by. The advantage of a professional video studio is that the crew has complete control over the lighting conditions, so if you are looking for seriously high end quality, with more creative options for the background, a professional studio is the perfect choice.

We suggest the slo mo video is between sixty seconds and two minutes in duration. We can take stills from the incredible 4K high resolution, which you can use in your press release and in your digital marketing for years to come.

The Slo Mo Video Booth guaranteed to grab the headlines!