Book the Slow Motion Video Booth for your Grand Opening

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult these days. We live in a fast-moving world where trends seem to come and go in seconds, thanks to the wonder of the world wide web. Creating a genuine PR splash can be very tricky. Well look no further, let us help you generate the attention you are after with the fabulous new slo mo video booth.

That may sound like a strange thing to say, but just consider it for a few seconds. A slow motion video booth is something genuinely different. It can pique the curiosity of the public, and, crucially, the news media. Journalists and other media professionals receive literally hundreds of press releases and invitations to events. Many of them are simply discarded or ignored, usually because what they offer is clichéd, dull or just too similar to every other invite they receive.

We can offer something which will catch their eye, and make sure that news hungry journalists, as well as the public, sit up and take notice of your event.

What actually is a Slo Mo Video Booth?

The slow mo video booth is actually a very simple concept. It shoots everything at super slow speed, 240 frames per second to be exact, using the very latest Red EPIC cameras. The same camera’s used to shoot Hollywood movies.

Slo mo video booths have recently become a big hit in the USA, especially at wedding receptions. Some very funny slo mo wedding videos have ‘gone viral’ demonstrating the potential advertising power of the concept.

So why is it so good?

We live our lives in a very fast-moving world. People are always pushed for time, racing to get from A to B, rushing to finish one thing so we can start something else. The slow mo video booth, abruptly and brilliantly slows the moment right down, forcing the eye to take in every detail and notice every nuance and expression.

And they are so much fun! Almost everyone likes being the centre of attention at one time or another, even for just a few brief moments. A slo mo video booth allows guests at an event to star in a movie and a hilariously funny one at that. And for those guests who are a little shy, we have props and ideas to involve even the quietest most unassuming person.

But how can it help me?

Of course, you might now be thinking that a slo mo video booth sounds like great entertainment, but how is it relevant to my business? How will it help me at my Grand Opening or Product launch?

Well, there are a number of ways in which it is possible to make great public relations use of a booth. This is particularly the case if you are launching a new product, or your company is organising an event. You might be announcing a new business venture, or starting a new sideline. It might be a good time to reach out to the local press by holding a media day. Whatever your PR needs, a slo mo video booth can give your venture a real boost.

Journalists enjoy a more interactive approach to the press day and if it’s a public event and you post the video on Facebook the next day, everyone will go online to see if they have made the final cut. If they do feature, they are bound to share and like, spreading the word and brand far and wide.

So what happens?

When Tinker Taylor provide your event with a slo mo video booth, the effect can be extraordinary. The key is to have a theme for the event, which people can relate to and enjoy. If you are stuck for ideas, don’t worry, the team at Tinker Taylor are a creative bunch and if you give them a brief, let them know who your target audience is and what you want to achieve from your event, the guys and gals at Tinker Taylor will do the rest!

At a recent event featuring the booth, for example, the theme was ‘Best of British’. Next to the booth was a box of costumes, full of typically British items. The guests embraced the theme, rifling through the box for costume items like bowler hats, red white and blue wigs, hats, deely boppers and a massive Union Jack flag!

The enthusiasm of the guests was amazing, with even the more serious company directors joined in the fun. As a way of engaging interest, giving the event a big dollop of va va voom and creating a lasting piece of extraordinary marketing collateral.

Think what kind of effect that this could have on your next event. Tinker Taylor are fully mobile, and can film at any and every kind of venue. If there is not a suitable spot for us to set up, we will bring our own marquee!

Anywhere is within our reach

We can travel anywhere in the UK and welcome the opportunity to travel to warmer climes! If you are looking for a corporate video, but do not have an event in mind Tinker Taylor work with a number of professional film studios throughout the UK. We will find the studio closest to your HQ and we can provide models to show off your product or best represent your brand if the idea appeals. Stills from our High Definition slo mo videos can be taken and used in press releases, the company website, facebook page and tweeted as a tease to the launch of the video itself.

Outside locations such as music festivals, indoor events like art exhibitions, the opening of a new restaurant, the re-opening of a refurbished pub, a school fete or private parties in peoples homes, are all within our reach. The slo mo video booth will make a big splash in a whole range of locations, from sports stadia to swimming pools.

So next time you need to grab the attention of a bunch of cynical and jaded media professionals, give them something hilarious to write about – and give them a copy of the video to include in their online articles! As a way of engaging media, public and potential clients, Tinker Taylor’s slo mo video booth is undoubtedly a showstopper. Why not give the team a call for a free phone consultation and see how going slow is the fastest route to grabbing the headlines.