Alternative Entertainment? Book the Slo Mo Video Booth

How many times can you say, “That was a great party?” Probably a lot,right? But do you have anything truly memorable to look back on from that party? Sure, there could be a handful of photos scattered over dozens of Smartphones. Maybe there was a Facebook post or two but for the most part, you only have fleeting glimpses of what made that event so memorable. Now, you can change all that by bringing in the Tinker Taylor Slo Mo Video Booth to your next special event. Slo Mo Video Booth? Never heard of that one? You soon will, as this one of a kind party set up is about to change the shape of social gatherings forever.

The Booth Basics

Remember those arcade photo booths? You could pop in with a mate or loved one, get a couple of photos snapped and walk away with a strip of pictures. That was then. Today, the Slo Mo Video Booth takes that concept of “stepping in front of a camera” to a whole new level. We bring over the kit that features a cutting edge Red-Epic Camera. We set and light and area, chose a backdrop and “roll camera” shooting at a super slow 240 frames per second. Your guests step up and our creative team throw idea’s and props at them at the Red-Epic records what happens next! We can provide the props, a rollicking good soundtrack to get you in the mood and off you go! Your very own slo mo tribute starring everyone who showed up at your party! All that digital footage is cut together by a super talented, TV editor, into a terrific slow motion video presentation that can be sent to all your guests via email, uploaded on YouTube and played at every gathering from then on in!

The Perfect Slo Mo Video Booth Event

Where is the perfect Slo Mo Video Booth Event? That would pretty much be anywhere there is a group of fun loving folks. Even if there are a few shy ones among the gang, it will not take long for them to warm up and get into the act. We will find them a simple thing to do, say blow some bubbles into the lens or fire off some party poppers or Christmas crackers. The slo mo production team will work their magic and the results will be, guaranteed, spectacularly amazing. Consider these perfect Slo Mo Video Booth events:

The Office Christmas Party

This is the event every staff member looks forward to all year long. It is a time to punch out the clock and have some fun! With the Slo Mo Video Booth set up in the corner, your co-workers will find their way over and before you know it, you have a terrific office video that you can use to promote your business. Who wouldn’t want to work with a group that is having this much fun?

A Wedding

There will be plenty of opportunities for formal wedding photos at your ceremony. However, the Slo Mo Video Booth is for all the good times at the reception. The slo mo video booth is for everyone; the groomsmen, the bridesmaids (together or apart!), great aunt Maude, granny and grandpa, the cute kids, your mates from Uni, your friends from work and of course the happy couple. Can you imagine a better keepsake or a better way to entertain your guests?

If you are not the one walking down the aisle, you might consider booking the Slo Mo Video Booth as present for the newlyweds. It is sure to be the winning gift and something the happy couple will keep for a lifetime. Also keep in mind you can book the Slo Mo Video Booth for the bachelor and bridesmaid party! Now THAT could be interesting…

Kid’s Birthday Party

Between the birthday cake, pass the parcel and general running around mayhem, you will not have any trouble getting the young ones excited about stepping into the Slo Mo Video Booth to show off. Being able to capture these precious moments of your children at play will be something you will treasure for years to come. So long as they can move, age doesn’t matter! We can go super low for crawling, wobbling toddlers and raise the tripod for the ‘ how cool am I’ teens. How many times a year do you get an opportunity like this to record the family and unlike a magician, DJ, face painter or bouncy castle hire – the slo mo video is yours to keep forever. Now imagine playing the slo mo video of your kids aged 3, at your daughters wedding….


If you are in charge of a fundraiser, you want to find a way to make it stand out from all the others. The Slo Mo Video Booth is just the ticket. Whether your guests are in formal wear for a sit down dinner or going casual for a crazy fundraising activity, the Slo Mo Video Booth will insure your special guests will have a viral video to remember the festivities by.

Tinker Taylor are filmmakers who are revolutionizing the way companies present content. From video press releases to event coverage to promotional campaigns, everything is taken up a notch when the creative team at Tinker Taylor comes on board. Now they have turned their love for all things artistic and applied it to the novel concept of the Slo Mo Video Booth. Try it once and you will be hooked. Parties just got a whole lot better!