Launch your new product with the Slow Mo Disco

Slow Motion is the new way to launch your product into the stratosphere from an earthbound launching pad, the ‘slo mo’ video booth. The iconic viewing of action in slowed down video makes the insignificant pop and it magnifies the larger than life elements as well. Launch a business or product, host a wedding party, celebrate your company’s twentieth anniversary and the list goes on. There’s so many ways to use the slow mo disco to accentuate your presentation.

Make the Insignificant Pop!

• Confetti
• Streamers
• Bubbles
• Moving Water
• Air Effects
• Dancing
• Action (acrobatic moves)
• Reverse Motion

Slow motion takes the ordinary and makes it seem extraordinary by exaggerating the action through the extension of time. The viewer sees detail that is never seen during the normal course of living. Confetti falling from the sky seems unique because it falls slowly and makes a distinctive path as it falls.

Product Launches Using Slow Mo

These products exemplify the best of the slow motion videos introducing products to the market. The GoPro Hero3 video camera captures slow motion video of scuba divers floating and moving through the water with the fishes or surfers moving through a circle of incoming waves. Of the many videos produced to promote this product the most spectacular one is the video depicting vertical sky diving. See the slow motion of skydiving featuring tens of divers in formation suspended in mid-air thousands of feet above ground. This is topped by far by the Folksam Insurance company video of skydiving cats. Animal lovers need not worry; this shot was captured via the green screen with human skydivers being replaced by one of five cats videotaped in the studio. The shots are realistic with windblown fur and scenes of clouds surrounding the sky bound cats as they sail through the air with R. Kelley’s “I Believe I can Fly” playing in the background.

Slow Mo to Accentuate Technical Detail

The space shuttle launch shows the massive power expended to lift off the 4.5 million pounds of equipment that makes up the space shuttle. It’s all done in slow motion to give it an even more profound effect. The viewer sees the ignition of the engine followed by the powerful burst of gas fumes and then the take off slowed down so the viewer can take note of each step. The same attention to detail is given to the Milwaukee power tools video. As the drill is being used to make a hole in the wall, the viewer sees each turn of metal force a piece of drywall or wood free from a sturdy looking piece of wall board or a solid wood plank. The video’s motion is slowed so you don’t miss any of the close-up action.

Combining Slow Motion with Close-up Detail

It’s amazing how much more exciting it is to witness the step-by-step action close-up. You can see even the minutest detail and there’s no doubt how the process works when you can see it for yourself. The more technical the concept the more likely slow motion coupled with close-up detail will make it more understandable to the public. Launching a complicated product like a tool or a never-before-seen-concept like cats skydiving looks remarkable when seen up close and personal. Who could imagine seeing the fur of a cat blowing in the wind against a backdrop of clouds as he sails in the air? In slow motion video they get to see it for themselves, even though the concept is a fairytale.

Fantasy in Slow Motion

Throughout the history of television we’ve seen the introduction of fantasy into reality. It’s a concept which existed before TV and it will always mesmerize the curious and fantasy prone. Slow motion is yet another vehicle to use for that genre. Conceptualizing the fantastic and then translating its presentation into a slow motion video is one way to create a shock factor that will always capture the interest of an audience. Images like chipmunks driving an SUV, lizards selling car insurance or cats and dogs performing tasks outside the normal realm of thinking, all shock and amuse the viewer. To make these images even more eye-catching, add slow motion and wait for the response.

Slow motion is in its infancy, there are many avenues to explore still. As the concept catches on, more and more creative minds will develop it into great presentations. Slow motion is a great way to do product launches, technical product action displays, weddings, parties, cataloging memorable moments like the last space shuttle launch and the countless number of yet to be developed uses for the genre. It’s been introduced to the public; now let’s see all the wondrous things the most creative among us will choose to do with slow mo. Lets hope you decide to book our slow mo disco in the near future.