Slow Motion Video Booth

Welcome to the biggest, grooviest, latest, slowest phenomena in film: the fantastic Slow Motion Video Booth! You know how much fun the traditional photo booths are… well quadruple, no centuple it (yes that is a real word) and you come close to the fun that can be had when you go super Slow Mo.


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So here is the Who, What, Why, Where and When of the Slow Mo Video Booth!

Who can provide you with such a service?

The super talented creative team at TINKER TAYLOR With ten years experience in high-end video production, our award winning, yes award winning team of Cinematographers, Directors, Designers and Post Production specialists will produce a video that delivers way beyond your expectations. Shooting on the RED Epic camera, the very same camera used to shoot The Hobbit, Robocop, Thor and Disney’s Muppet’s Most Wanted (yes, that classic too) This glorious, (expensive) digital cinema camera will capture your guests movements in glorious 2K at a super slow 240 frames per second.

What is a Slow Mo Video Booth?

It is essentially a mini film set. We rock up at your event and set and light an area, ready for your guests to ‘strut their stuff’. We will liaise with the event organiser and the venue in advance to ensure we have a suitable pitch, with access to power, controlled lighting conditions etc. etc. You don’t have to worry about the detail, that’s what we do. Then utilising an array of amusing props, which are chosen carefully according to your event theme, we encourage, cajole, or with the extroverts, simply let loose your guests in front of the camera.

Where can we book a Slow Mo Video Booth?

Well there are two options. Either you come to us, to our fabulous professional, green screen film studio in Birmingham, or we come to wherever you are hosting your event. Whether it’s a conference centre, hotel, castle, private house, marquee, tepee, boat, museum, art gallery or a village hall, there hasn’t been a location yet that we haven’t been able to film in. Have passports – will travel, with a special discount for taking us to warmer climes!

Why should you book a Slow Mo Video Booth?

Well, if you want your guests to absolutely love the event you have organised, if you want your guests to laugh until they cry and their sides ache and if you want your guests to be talking about your event for years to come – you need to book the slow mo booth! If you want to be seen as a trendsetter, a creative, innovative individual who knows how to entertain in style, get in touch. If you are organising a corporate event, a private party, a public event, a charity fundraiser, a high-end wedding, a product launch, a road-show, a fashion show, an awards ceremony; if your conference needs sparkle or your works ‘do’ needs a little va va voom – you need a Slow Mo Video Booth!

When can we book a Slow Mo Video Booth?

We are open for business 365 days a year, for both daytime and evening events. We require approximately 90 minutes to set up, before we are ready to receive our first performer ‘on set’. Depending upon location and timings, our crew may require accommodation either before or after the event. If you require a fast turnaround on the video, we can bring our editing team and kit out on location with us and have a version of your video ready to show guests at the end of the event. A double bubble of fun – first in participating and then in watching yourself back on the big screen!

So GO ON, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call!

Sam Taylor, Creative Director and Slow Mo Supremo!